NASA pioneered the use of AR and VR 35 years ago

As commercial technology caught up, with billions of dollars in investment, we are now seeing the next phase in the use augmented reality and virtual reality for enabling space colonization. 

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Marcus Anzengruber

Marcus was part of the launch team for HTC VIVE. He was brought in as Senior Advisor and helped drive global go-to-market strategy.

He started ARVR Ventures to combine his passion for establishing a colony in space with AR and VR. The focus is to work with space agencies and companies to drive more collaboration and leverage the latest innovations.

He is a regular speaker at conferences in the space industry and the virtual reality industry.

Examples of use cases for AR and VR in the space industry

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training astronatus

Hyper-realistic simulations look and feel similar to what astronauts experience and can be used for scenario training.


mission support

Augmented reality assist astronauts as they perform complicated tasks.



Being able to share the same view of objects and in real-time annotate and expand views can drive a dramatic improvements in collaboration. 

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